Top Reasons to Backup Office 365

Backing up valid information and various other files are highly valuable as the procedure helps you store them in other places. By doing so, you can access data whenever you want making it convenient and effective. Apart from these, there are plenty of other reasons why you need to backup. So, to make matters understandable, here are those reasons.


1. Outlook and Emails

Everyone loves to use Outlook thanks to its features and unique form of user experience. But many tend to believe that Outlook does the perfect job when it comes to backing up. In reality, it does not backup emails older than 30 days that have been deleted from the bin. The limited file storage policy puts you at the helm of trouble and problems, as it potentially destroys files. These files may be used for a lot of other reasons, and it has its own set of importance. With Microsoft releasing the Office suite of applications for the iPhone, email has never been more portable.


2. Industries and Backup Regulations

Regulated industries like finance, healthcare and law, have their own set of regulations and requirements that impacts access to data. GDPR, Can-Spam and various other regulations often require firms to keep records of attachments, files and related documents consisting of information intact for years. Since Office 365 offers limited-time backup, obliging with these regulations is not a matter of guarantee. Office 365 does not have an optional backup available for purchase.


3. The Presence of Hackers

We are all pretty aware of the impact that hackers have on the industry. Their forms and methods are unique and at times, cannot be found. Due to all this, data loss is a common phenomenon. Reports that talk about Ransomware attacks have been on the rise, and many firms or organizations have received the wrath. Since the rules pertaining to backup in Office are not highly effective, it is high time that you back them up elsewhere.


4. The World without Data

Imagine losing all your data at once. The thought is damaging, and you lose a lot of money in the process. Be it a business organization or personal need; data is highly important. The risk of not saving them is one that everyone wants to avoid. A world without data makes you miserable, and business organizations might even collapse. Hence, it is essential that you backup all your data.


5. All in Cloud

People do not realize that their data is stored separately. So, you will have to find them all and then begin the process of backing them up. You will have to find a system that is designed for this purpose and then think about restoring all of them. This process is not easy and at times might even be impossible due to Office 365 backup tools.