Installing Office 365

Steps to Install Office 365 on Your PC

Since its new release, everyone wants to install Office 365 on their PC. The application that has provided users and subscribers with a lot of benefits was launched with a better version, and we are pretty sure that everyone wants the new one. Apart from that, it is always good to reinstall the application in case you are looking deep into problems and various other issues. So, to help everyone out, here are all the steps that you need to take to install Office 365 on your PC.


First Step

The very first thing that you will have to do in this scenario is to associate Office 365 with a Microsoft account. This is the primary step, as it makes the process function in a smooth and easier manner. Then you will have to sign in and select install from “My Office Account Page”. By doing so, you will be asked to enter specific details like your email ID and password.


Second Step

Once you have completed the above procedures, the install information will be readily available. So, you need to select install, and it will do so by installing the 32-bit version of Office on your PC. This option called install begins the procedure keeping in mind the various set of details that you preferred when you redeemed the product. So, in case you want to alter these changes, like the bit version or language, you will have to select the custom install options.


Third Step

The third step is one of the least complicated out of the entire lot, as all you need to do here is to follow a set of instructions that are displayed on the screen. Once both steps one and two are complete, the install option will pop in your browser, and you need to continue either by clicking Setup, Save or Run. These options will vary depending upon the type of browser that you are utilizing. In case you face issues, then you need to begin the entire process right from the beginning once you’ve restarted your computer or PC.


Fourth Step

The final step in the process completes the entire set up and lest you use Office 365 with all its features. All you need to do is here click yes to installing and when you spot the sign called “you’re good to go”, you need to choose all done. Once the task is completed, you will be able to use all your Office applications like before. If matters still do not seem to be taking the right turn, thanks to problems, then you need to reinstall the application once again. Although such indications are rare for the second or third, this is what you need to do in case it appears.