Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft Exchange

Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft Exchange

You might be facing some common challenges with your current email solution, including:

  • Inefficient communication capabilities hindering productivity.
  • Concerns about downtime and drains on IT time and budget.
  • Fears about data security and compliance.

A reliable and powerful business-class email is a necessity for organizations of all sizes. When our clients turn to us for a solution, we recommend Microsoft Exchange/Exchange Online.

Microsoft Exchange Online helps you protect your data and keeps your employees connected with secured, reliable access to email, calendar, and contacts—from virtually any device.

Here are the top 10 benefits of Exchange/Exchange Online:

  1. Protect your sensitive data and inform users of internal compliance policies with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities: 

    Keep your organization safe from users mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorized people. The new Exchange DLP features identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data through deep content analysis. Exchange offers built-in DLP policies based on regulatory standards such as PII and PCI, and is extensible to support other policies important to your business. Additionally, the new Policy Tips in Outlook inform users about policy violations before sensitive data is sent.
  2. Allow compliance officers to run In-Place eDiscovery across Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync – from a single interface: 

    The ability to immutably retain and discover data across your organization is essential to ensuring internal and regulatory compliance.   Allow your compliance officers to autonomously use the new eDiscovery Center to identify, hold, and analyze your organization’s data from Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync.  And, the data always remains in-place, so you never have to manage a separate store of data. With the eDiscovery Center, you can reduce the cost of managing complex compliance needs, while ensuring you are prepared for the unexpected.
  3. Keep all of your important data in one place with Exchange archiving, large mailboxes, and retention policies: 

    Empower your users with an in-place archive and large mailbox to allow them the flexibility to retain email in their primary mailbox, or to archive items. With flexible and powerful retention policies, you can take control of your storage and compliance demands – while keeping your users productive.
  4. Enable your users to collaborate on projects, get up to speed quickly on teams they join, and share information easily:

    Make it easier for your users to manage team and project communications.  Allow users to see old communications on a project as soon as they join, have access to the current versions of their team documents, and access that information right from within Outlook. Your users will have powerful new tools to be productive on their teams and you will be able to manage information in the locations that this information was meant to be stored.  Co-authoring, document storage and versioning is provided by SharePoint while messaging is handled by Exchange with a complete user experience within Outlook.
  5. Eliminate email threats before they reach your network:

    Exchange actively protects your communications with built-in defenses against email threats.  Multi-layered anti-spam filtering comes with continuous updates to help guard against increasingly sophisticated spam and phishing threats, while multiple anti-malware engines work to protect your email data from viruses.
  6. Give your users an intuitive, touch-enabled inbox experience on just about any device:

    Enable your users to get more done from anywhere with an inbox that provides a clean and uncluttered experience, where the relevant and important information is optimized for different form-factors.  The same thoughtful design in the Outlook desktop interface has been applied to both the browser and mobile interfaces.
  7. Move to the cloud on your terms with flexible options including Exchange hybrid deployment:

    Exchange provides you tools to move to the cloud on your terms – whether that’s onboarding to the cloud overnight or managing a hybrid deployment with mailboxes on-premises and online to meet your business needs.  Provide your end users with a seamless experience including sharing calendars and scheduling meetings between on-premises and online users and limit user disruption when user mailboxes are smoothly moved across environments. Remain in control in the cloud by testing out upcoming enhancements with support for upgrade previews.
  8. Decrease the amount of time spent managing your messaging systems while maintaining control:

    Manage powerful capabilities including DLP, Apps for Outlook, and site mailboxes from the Exchange Administration Center – a single, easy-to-use, web-based administration interface. Role-based access control empowers your helpdesk and specialist users to perform specific tasks which are surfaced appropriately in the Exchange Administration Center – without requiring full administrative permissions. This streamlined and intuitive experience helps you manage Exchange efficiently, delegate tasks, and focus on driving your business forward.
  9. Customize Exchange by integrating relevant, web-based Apps for Office into Outlook and Outlook Web App:

    Help your users spend less time switching between apps and make their communications experience more powerful with an extension model that allows you to provide easy plugin access across both the rich client and web-based Outlook experiences.  You can minimize complexity with single sign-on to multiple applications and securely give access designed to ensure only authorized individuals can use each approved application.
  10. Bring all of your contacts together in one place:

    People’s professional networks span many different places. You will have the ability to enable users to bring their contacts in from other networks so that they have all of their information in one place. Exchange will even find the same person across networks and consolidate their information into one contact card, avoiding duplication and multiple contact cards with different information.

7 Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Hosting

7 Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Innovative progressions have enabled us to be associated like never before previously.

Representatives, today, are more averse to work throughout the day in the workplace. Rather, they are appropriated and portable, working from various geographic areas. To remain beneficial, representatives need total access to their email as business correspondence can happen whenever and anyplace.

Microsoft Exchange is the most favored email server by the associations over the world

It tends to be either introduced on the neighborhood arrange or facilitated online in the cloud. At the point when facilitated in the cloud, Exchange can be gotten to from anyplace. Here are seven advantages of Microsoft Hosted Exchange.

1. Security

If there should be an occurrence of a Hosted Exchange, the arrangement supplier conveys the venture level security to ensure your correspondence against any sort of risk. The cloud security arrangements are vastly improved than the neighborhood security arrangements.

Likewise, Microsoft Exchange is consistent with all real consistence benchmarks like ISO 27001, FISMA and HIPAA. The multi-layered separating forestalls spam messages from coming to your inbox, in this way making it a protected alternative for your business.

2. Complete Scalability

Paying for something not required for “future-sealing” has for some time been disposed of by framework overseers. Additionally, in the customary framework, you will come up short on space anytime. Also, equipment or programming redesigns can be a test with the expenses related with them.

In an Exchange Server Hosting arrangement, the estimating generally pursues the ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach. This is a proficient model as organizations just need to pay for what they need. Imagine a scenario where another client joins. Sign up and begin paying for them.

3. Immense Savings

As far as estimating, facilitating an Exchange Server in the cloud is a lot less expensive than the nearby organization of an Exchange Server. The expense to setup and keep up an on-premises Exchange Server incorporates the buying of framework (server frameworks, Windows Server OS, other equipment, and programming), cost of security arrangements like firewall and antivirus, pay rates of more than one Exchange Administrators, and an attractive add up to keep the foundation redesigned dependably.

With a Hosted Exchange arrangement, you simply need a solitary Administrator, or you can yourself, deal with the Exchange accounts. Every single other stress will be dealt with by your Exchange Hosting Provider. Regardless of whether you are as of now running a more established form of Exchange, your Hosting Provider will help in moving the clients from on-premises Exchange Server to the overhauled facilitated condition.

4. Expanded Productivity

Facilitated Exchange Server gives workers a chance to turn out to be increasingly gainful. The cloud suppliers utilize guaranteed and experienced specialists to deal with its Hosting condition productively. As all backend activities are being dealt with, you get an opportunity to concentrate on key activities which would create income and help in the development of the organization, as opposed to simply keeping the servers murmuring.

5. High Availability

Business coherence is a significant thought for any business. Cloud suppliers contribute an immense add up to keep up framework by utilizing repetitive equipment and server groups to ensure that the email is constantly accessible.

Also, believed Exchange Hosting Providers have SSAE-18 consistent server farms and have embraced undertaking level security arrangements for physical security, server security, and information security. You should pick a seller who is following industry-standard business congruity strategies and SLAs to convey 99.999% uptime.

6. Effectively Accessible

Facilitating of Microsoft Exchange gives you a chance to synchronize your information with gadgets, for example, a workstation, tablet or portable. You can without much of a stretch access your email, contacts or schedules whenever and anyplace.

7. Continuously Updated

With Hosted Exchange, your organization will dependably have the most recent and refreshed answer for email. Cloud specialist organizations give you the entrance to every one of the updates for an Exchange Server variant at whatever point they are discharged. The facilitating suppliers likewise help you in updating the current Hosted Exchange Server, however just when it is truly required.

Along these lines, Hosted Exchange Server is a perfect answer for the organizations as the specialist organizations offer the endeavor level security and Exchange Migration Services at a negligible expense. As their customer, you simply need to appreciate the consistent experience of the cloud innovation.

Top 5 Advantages of Microsoft Office for Business

Originally released all the way back in 1990, Microsoft Office evolved from its simple origins into the dominant productivity suite on the planet.

According to research conducted by Softpedia, there were over a billion Microsoft Office users worldwide as of 2012 – many of whom were business users. There are a wide range of different advantages that Microsoft Office brings to the table for small business users in particular that you can no longer afford to ignore.

The Cloud

Perhaps the biggest benefit that more recent versions of Office and the Office 365 platform usher in for business users has to do with how it embraces the cloud-based world in which we now live. Data created and stored online, Office is now accessible from any computer on the planet with an active Internet connection. This allows employees to be just as productive at home (or in an airport lounge, or in a local coffee shop) as they could be if they were sitting in front of a computer in their office.

Embracing Mobile

Along the same lines, another massive benefit of Microsoft Office for business has to do with the way it allows its users to embrace mobile computing. As most of the modern day smartphones that millions of people carry around with them are literally more powerful than the shuttles that sent men to the moon in the 1960s, it makes sense that a solution would come along to allow them to leverage that power to their advantage. Microsoft Office lets users create documents from any device, anywhere, with no exceptions.

Value for the Price

Modern day versions of Microsoft Office are also inherently scalable, which is another significant benefit for business users. Businesses can now choose the exact deployment tract that fits their needs, allowing them to pay for exactly what they need without also spending money on applications they never use. Business users who choose to purchase the “Office 365 Business Essentials” plan, for example, will pay just $5 per user per month. Buying the software outright is also always available, with packages starting at just $229.99 for Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote for a single PC.

Safety and Security

Another big benefit for Microsoft Office business users comes down to safety. All data stored in the cloud is housed in one of Microsoft’s own data centers. This extends real-time scanning of messages and documents for things like viruses and malware, as well as other security provisions that all adhere to multiple industry-standard specifications.

Collaboration Tools Like Never Before

Modern day versions of Microsoft Office also unlock the power of collaboration at the business level. It offers a wide range of different tools that make it easy for multiple employees to all work on the same files from separate computers. Office 365 also includes calendaring, contacts, online meeting and other functionality designed to make it easier than ever to collaborate with people OUTSIDE a business as well. A business user and their own client can remotely collaborate on the same files at the same time, making it easier to meet demands and exceed expectations across the board.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

Trade Server 2019 is currently accessible and can be downloaded from the Volume Licensing Service Center.

The Exchange talking sessions at Microsoft Ignite were stuffed to the rafters, shocking many, yet additionally demonstrating there’s as yet an immense hunger for on-premises and cross breed arrangements.

You can see the ‘Welcome to Exchange Server 2019’ introduction here:

A short diagram of Exchange 2019

Moving up to Exchange Server 2019 requires the utilization of Windows Server 2019

The first early stage troubles have been resolved and now there is the alternative to introduce on either ‘Windows Server 2019 with Desktop Experience’ or ‘Windows Server 2019 Server Core’, with Microsoft leaning toward the last mentioned, touting it as the most secure decision. Trade Server 2019 will likewise be perfect with rendition 1809 and future updates.

Execution levels have been given a huge lift, with Exchange Server 2019 fit for utilizing 48 processor centers and 256GB of RAM. Search usefulness has likewise been given a makeover, controlled by Bing to give quicker, progressively precise outcomes.

Double Storage read/compose abilities with SSD innovation will likewise empower quicker than any time in recent memory information reserving to improve the client experience. These advancements guarantee to guarantee Exchange 2019 will permit expanded quantities of clients per server.

Chairmen have been conceded new schedule highlights, with the capacity to allocate delegate consents and oversee occasions on client accounts. There are likewise new confinements on the sending of gathering demands.

We anticipate getting to holds with Exchange Server 2019 and creating a few hands-on client guides for our dynamic network of IT experts.

Deploying, Migrating and Administering Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud offering that gives programming and services to clients on a membership basis.

The name “Office 365” has been utilized by Microsoft to allude to a serious wide assortment of item and services. Office 365 can allude to:

  • The Office applications that keep running on Windows and Mac PCs, just as cell phones, for example, tablets and cell phones. These applications incorporate Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • The gathering of Office 365 online services that give cloud-hosted email, correspondence, and coordinated effort highlights to organizations, governments, and instruction foundations.

Office 365 Applications

Microsoft sells Office 365 Home, Home and Student, and Personal versions for use by people, understudies, and family units. This membership offering is a takeoff from the old model of selling Microsoft Office as a one-time buy. By offering Office as a membership, Microsoft can convey the most recent programming and highlights to clients consistently, rather than clients expecting to pay to move up to more up to date forms of Office ever 2-3 years.

The applications that are given hotel Office 365 memberships incorporate Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The particular applications included will rely upon the membership that you have. For instance, Office 365 Home and Student does exclude Outlook, though Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal do.

You can discover a correlation of Office 365 application memberships here.

Office 365 Cloud Services

The Office 365 cloud services that Microsoft offers include:

  • Email and calendaring with Exchange Online
  • Online document stockpiling and imparting to OneDrive for Business
  • Texting, video and sound conferencing with Skype for Business Online
  • Intranet site facilitating with SharePoint Online
  • Undertaking long range informal communication with Yammer
  • Efficiency and joint effort highlights, for example, Groups, Teams, and Planner

You can peruse progressively about Office 365 for Business and Enterprise on the Microsoft site.

Find out About Office 365

Office 365 abilities are among the most looked for after information for IT experts today. In case you’re an accomplished IT expert, the change to overseeing cloud services will be genuinely smooth. In case you’re new to the business, Office 365 abilities will get your foot in the entryway and your vocation pushing ahead.

One of the difficulties with finding out about Office 365 is that the administration changes quickly. Preparing materials can leave date in all respects rapidly, so it’s significant that they show center ideas that will keep on being pertinent even as the encompassing highlights change.

I’ve distributed a progression of on-request video instructional classes with Pluralsight that you can use to upgrade your Office 365 aptitudes. Adapt progressively here.

On the off chance that you incline toward books, here’s my rundown of prescribed Office 365 books and you can likewise download the free white paper, Email Migration to Office 365.